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Aleathea Dijon



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My Story

Aleathea Díjon was born in San Diego, California, and was raised in the Metro Atlanta area where she still resides with her son. Díjon attended Towers High School in Decatur, GA and Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA with a major in Business Administration.  Throughout her career she had many administrative roles from healthcare to wealth management, which led to becoming an entrepreneur in assisting business owners. In 2014, Aleathea Díjon registered Puzzle Peace Concierge, LLC to assist in small business set up, administrative tasks and financial services including

life insurance and credit restoration. 


Even though, Díjon prided herself in helping others, she sought out to do more, which began with her own personal development and health journey. In 2017, Aleathea Díjon became a published author of “Lupehole Overcoming the Odds, Living with Lupus” and a Certified Life Coach, becoming the founder of Lupehole Lifestyle, “Where there’s ALWAYS a Way!” became the saying and new perspective on helping others in their business by adopting personal development skills, specifically, soft skills through one-on-one coaching programs, speaking engagements, workshops and workbooks. 


Using all her past education and experiences, Aleathea Díjon is determined to continue helping individuals, families, and businesses to become better along their adventure of life. More recently in 2022, Aleathea Díjon became a licensed, Georgia real estate agent, launching Better Life Realty, LLC “Make the Choice, Live Better”.  With a love for people and a background in transformational life coaching, Aleathea Díjon’s core values are integrity, growth, optimism and service which she displays before and after the closing table for all her clients to a Better Life.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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