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Meet the backbone of Galyan Group Realty – our dedicated and skilled real estate support staff.

Behind every successful transaction and smooth operation, our team ensures your real estate experience is seamless and stress-free. With their attention to detail and unwavering commitment, our support staff is here to make your journey in the world of real estate a breeze.

At Galyan Group Realty, we're all about supporting your dreams.

Galyan Group Realty Mark Galloway.png

Mark Galloway

Managing Broker

Regional Manger: TLC Mortgage

Galyan Group Realty Gavin Llambes.png

Gavin Llambes

Brand Ambassador

Galyan Group Realty David Ryan (4).png

J. David Ryan

Corporate Broker - All States

Galyan Group Realty Alabama (3).png

Martha Mason

Group Manager - Alabama

Amanda Brand.png

Amanda Brand

Office Administration

Galyan Group Realty South Carolina (1).png

Eddie & Lindy Lucas

Group Managers - South Carolina

Video Staff.png

meet our video staff

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